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Joanne Witmyer works with individuals on achieving their goals for enhancing well-being, specializing in change management. She teaches customized group workshops on a variety of relevant topics, such as how to reduce stress and increase energy.
She is a certified nutritional health coach and an experienced recreational cooking instructor. Joanne has her MBA and her experience is grounded in her work within corporations, previously guiding and supporting employees in the workplace to find balance and fulfilling careers.
Joanne writes a monthly column called “Nourish” for The Examiner newspaper, and is the author of articles about wellness strategies such as shifting mindset to achieve results.


“I have learned so much from you during our individual sessions, and have modeled my own behavior on your grace and generous spirit.” — Lucy (Chappaqua, New York)
“We so appreciated your cooking demonstration and wellness workshop. The participants were inspired to apply your simple, yet powerful suggestions to find calm in their own kitchens, implement meal planning solutions, and try seasonal recipes. Very grateful!” — Adriana (Croton-on-Hudson, New York)
“You were so helpful de-cluttering and organizing in my home. I appreciated your creative suggestions about how to maintain my newly peaceful and streamlined surroundings going forward to reduce stress. Thank you.” — Desiree (Pleasantville, New York)
“Thanks for the cooking lesson today in my kitchen! I learned a lot and feel comfortable cooking vegetables at home now (this was something I tended to avoid in the past).” — Ryan (New York, New York)
“Thank you for such a wonderful workshop program about the linkage between gardening and stress reduction. Everyone had a great time and it’s nice to see an active and engaged group participate.” — Alan (Chappaqua, New York)
“You were very informative and gave me good ideas for my weight control and good food habits.” — Harriet (Briarcliff Manor, New York)
“The class you taught today was educational and enlightening for the participants as they experienced hands-on ideas for creating nourishing meals. Your partnership with local farmers is inspirational. Many thanks!” — Virginia (Armonk, New York)
“The participants were thrilled with the workshop you led today about incorporating seasonal ingredients into meal planning. We would love to have you teach again next semester.” — Maura (Chappaqua, New York)
“We enjoyed our dinner and the delicious, fun cooking demonstration you gave to our family!” — Maryann (Ossining, New York)
“Thank you for teaching us how to prepare your delicious meal. We enjoyed your company and knowledge, and the whole experience.” — Rosa (North Salem, New York)
“The meals you created are tasty and they highlight seasonal ingredients. They make me want to eat like this all the time to feel healthy!” — Suzanne (Ossining, New York)