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Seasonal Nourishment

Recently, I’ve been teaching a gardening and cooking workshop series at the North Castle Library. These workshops emphasize the benefits of growing our own food as much we can, and creating meals out of produce that’s in season. By aligning the ways we nourish ourselves with nature’s cycles, it helps us feel more balanced and fulfilled.

The first workshop was a collaboration with a local farmer from Amawalk Farm, who provided guidance for starting a simple backyard garden. I demonstrated how to make a quick, fresh, seasonal kale salad.

The second session in the series focused on how easy and convenient it is to cultivate a basic herb garden of any size – even on a small windowsill. I showed how to make a flavorful mixed herb pesto, and shared suggestions about using herbs as festive garnishes. Try making a glass of water more fun by adding a few mint sprigs from your own garden. I like to add some colorful berries, too.

What is your favorite seasonal fruit or vegetable to experience freshly harvested, and what does it make you feel when you eat it? For me, eating blackberries reminds me of picking them in handfuls during Summers on my grandparents’ farm.

Send me a note – I would love to hear from you and help you come up with a plan to add more seasonal foods into your menus!

Happy gardening and cooking,